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The middle of May is my favorite time of the year in our garden. It seems as if everything comes into bloom and it is alive with butterflies and hummingbirds. I get so excited about all of the new growth and the reemergence of our beautiful flowers, I can’t help but share it. With that in mind, last week I snapped some pictures of my favorite areas of the yard so I could give you all a tour of our country garden in full bloom.

Climbing Roses-Dutch Door-Country Garden in Full Bloom
Eden garden roses surround our Dutch door

Our kitchen door is surrounded this year by trailing garden roses. We planted these last spring and they came into full bloom this year. A pair of cement pots filled with Dusty Miller flank the door.

Climbing Roses-Country Garden in Full Bloom

Just outside the kitchen door is our alfresco dining table. It has a concrete top, so it can withstand the elements and the teak chairs have grown more rustic and weathered in the past years.

Just on the other side of the dining area is our newly decorated outdoor room.

I shared all of the details about this budget-friendly makeover on a recent blog post and you can read more about that HERE.

Garden Path-Foxglove-Delphinium-White Roses-Country Garden in Full Bloom

Beyond the dining table is a garden path that contains all of my favorite blooms. White iceberg roses, foxtail, and delphinium are in abundant supply. The hydrangea has not bloomed yet, but should be appearing any day now!

Garden Path-Foxglove-Delphinium-White Roses-Country Garden in Full Bloom

At the end of the path is an archway of wisteria, leading to the master bedroom porch. When this blooms, the fragrance is intoxicating!

Wisteria Archway-Country Garden in Full Bloom

I refreshed the containers sitting on the steps of this porch and paired them with my favorite lanterns.

Container Garden-Country Garden in Full Bloom

This old wheelbarrow had been neglected in a planter bed for a couple of years, so I cleaned it up, moved it onto the grass next to the porch steps and replanted it.

Wheelbarrow Planter

At the back of the yard, sits the horse barn that Beau and Whiskey call home. We have riding trails just behind our yard, so it is easy to get “the boys” out for regular rides.

Horse Barn Reclaimed Wood -Country Garden in Full Bloom

Whiskey is always curious when I am in the yard with my camera!

Horse Barn Reclaimed Wood

Looking back at the house from the barn, you can see the back patio and a glimpse of the stone cottage that has become my workshop and floral studio.

Garden Pool

A stone path through the grass leads to the cottage.

Stone Cottage-Flower Studio-Country Garden in Full Bloom

French doors open out onto a small patio that is a lovely place for a morning coffee.

Stone Cottage-Flower Studio

A Dutch door just around the corner leads into the cottage where I spend many hours playing with floral arrangements or working on projects. You can tour my flower studio by clicking HERE.

Dutch Door

I’ve set up a small potting bench just outside the door for all of my outside planting and containers.

Stone Cottage-Flower Studio

And down a small pathway, I have created a cutting garden in the raised flower bed where we used to plant our vegetable garden. You can read all of the details about my cutting garden by clicking HERE.

Cutting Garden with Willow cloche

Last year we added a few flower boxes and shutters to our windows and I love how they transformed the outside of our home. I shared some before and after photos of the house HERE.

Garden Window Boxes and Shutters
Garden Window Boxes

It has taken several years to develop all of the areas of our yard into the garden that we imagined when we built this house. There was a dirt lot here previously, so the transformation has been quite extraordinary. Last year I wrote a blog post about the process of planting this garden and shared a few pictures of the yard when we were under construction. You can see everything by clicking HERE.

Garden flower centerpiece

Thanks for coming to visit our country garden in full bloom. It is a truly beautiful time of year at our home and I am so happy to share it with you all!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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Country Garden in Full Bloom

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  1. Everything is absolutely stunning, Karen. All of your hard work is really paying off! Thank you for sharing all of the beauty with the rest of us!! XO

  2. Your home and yard are gorgeous and inspiring! Would you mind sharing the color paint on the exterior of your home?

    1. Hi Wendy, The exterior is a pre-finished Hardee board shingle material. I don’t have the exact color…Sorry!

  3. What a gorgeous yard….love everything about it.
    I also live in S. Ca. so I appreciate all your hard work…especially with our soil, summer heat and water rations. Your pictures have inspired me.

  4. What kind of roses are climbing outside your doors? I can’t believe that in one year they look so good!

  5. I do not know where to start. Your garden & property is ao beautiful. A sense of calm comes over me as I view your garden. On photo 5 & 6 what is your ground cover growing in between the stones? The white iceberg roses are spectacular as well as your pink ones. The window box plants & colors are very soothing but cheerful. Thank you for sharing that life is not perfect everyday. We have to appreciate & embrace all the good days. Love the names of your horses. Would like to see more photos of them.

    1. What a lovely message, Sherrie! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and kind words. So appreciate your support! Have a beautiful day!

  6. This is so inspiring! It’s December in Camarillo, with east winds blowing…..and yet, you managed to grow a beautiful English garden with the same elements. We’re in the beginning stages of redesigning our area and this is what I needed! Thank you for sharing your stunning posts that are so encouraging! You are amazing💕

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment, Marta! I’m so happy you found some inspiration! Good luck with your project!

  7. Wow! I enjoyed every inch of what you shared. Your yard, dining area, roses, Dutch door, views are all lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hi Karen,
    Love your home! Inside and out! What a tremendous job you did! Beautiful! Well done! Time to enjoy it !
    From your previous comments is the exterior color have a green or beige undertones? I know you said that you dont remember but i love the exterior color and would like to find something close to it. Im a big instagram follower of yours :)..


    1. Hi Gina! Thank so much for your kind comments and for stopping by the blog! So the exterior of our home is John Hardie siding in Aged Pewter. I was finally able to get that info. It is not a specific paint color but you can see it online. The color is not green at all, definitely more neutral. Hope that helps!

  9. Just beautiful I feel inspired to get my gardens refreshed I live in the midwest and wait until end of April to start new plantings due to heavy rain storms we sometimes get. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens I will be planting purple white and pink this year 😊

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