Our Homes

Our family is incredibly blessed to have not only one beautiful home in Southern California, but to also have a wonderful ranch in Montana.  We currently spend the “school year” in California, and our summers in Montana, which provides quite a contrast in not only lifestyle, but also in our overall state of mind.

Regardless of where we are, we have endeavored to create a home that is a peaceful and beautiful sanctuary for us, our children and our family and friends to gather.



Our days in California are filled with the typical hustle and bustle of “city” life, with traffic-filled commutes to school, business meetings, take-out dinners and weekends often spent with family and friends. 

We built this home in 2015 with a clear vision to create a cozy and comfortable haven in the middle of a big city.  We have enough space to keep horses in the backyard barn and while the rooms are light and bright, they still have that warm feeling we were striving for.

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Our days in Montana are slow and sleepy and our time is often spent trekking through the woods, exploring Yellowstone National Park, making meals with the constant stream of family and friends that come to stay with us and rocking on the porch while the sun sets in the distance.We purchased the ranch in 2012 and began remodeling the main house almost immediately.  Over the last few years we have also turned the barn into a guest house and added a lovely cabin in the woods. Just when I think we are done with projects, we come up with another “great” idea and off we go again!

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