4 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas For Any Room


Well, we are a week into September and I am in full fall decorating mode! I never used to decorate when the weather was still warm, but I wanted to share a bit of fall inspiration with you, so I am starting early this year! A few days ago, I shared a long-lasting fall centerpiece on my dining room table that is a lovely transition from summer to fall. Today, I’m bringing you 4 simple fall decorating ideas for any room, that will elevate your seasonal decor and make your home beautiful.


In previous years, I took out all of my orange pumpkins and fall leaves and sprinkled them around the house for fall. It never really occurred to me that I could use a different palette to create my own “fall colors”. Then a few years ago, I tried something new. I chose 2-3 colors to use for fall that were not traditional and this simple idea forever changed how I decorate.

I still used pumpkins and branches, but not in bright oranges and reds. Instead, I brought in colors that worked better in my home and integrated with my existing decor. The result was beautiful fall decor in colors that I truly love. This year, I have been drawn to warm wheat tones mixed with soft blues and some coppery browns for my autumn decorating. This is a change from last year when I used mostly whites and soft greens throughout the house.

I wanted to use colors that would blend well with my existing furniture and decor, yet still speak to the colors of the season. I reused several pieces I already owned and added a few new fall-inspired items in the colors I wanted to highlight. By being selective in the colors I displayed it brought a cohesive look to my living room and is a reflection of what I love. Try this simple idea for fall decorating and see how it transforms your home!

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A great way to highlight your fall palette is to create a centerpiece vignette on a table, mantle or sideboard. One of my favorite areas to incorporate seasonal decor is the large table behind our living room sofa. This space allows me to create a beautiful seasonal display that accentuates the color palette I’ve chosen.

Fall vignette with blue pumpkins and wheat

It may seem intimidating to create an oversized vignette, but with a few simple principals it’s really quite easy. For this vignette, I used a few natural wheat elements along with some of the blue and coppery brown colors I chose for fall.

I created layers in both height and depth and used various sizes and shapes to add interest to this vignette.

You can see my styling process on the video below



To bring the colors of the vignette into the room, I added some pillows to the couches that contain the same colors. I love the warm browns mixed with soft blues.

4 Simple fall decorating ideas for any room


I added an additional fall element on the coffee table by filling a dough bowl with wicker and ceramic spheres as well as some fall branches and wheat.

Simple Fall decorating ideas


Repeating colors and elements throughout the room balances the color palette and design.

Fall vignette with wheat and soft gray tones


Rustic Living room with wood beams and wall of windows.  Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee paint-4-simple-fall-decorating-ideas-for-any-room

Let’s face it, as much as I love to change the look in my home for each season, I don’t have space to store a ton of things that I only use for a few months each year. My solution is to invest in several basic decor pieces that I can use repeatedly.

Living room fall decorating 4-simple-fall-decorating-ideas-for-any-room

The oversized suitcase and cloches on my vignette table are staples that I use in every season. By changing the contents in the cloches and altering the layering on the suitcase, I can completely change the look of the room.

The dough bowl on my coffee table is another piece that I use in every season just by changing the filler. You can see how I style dough bowls for every season by clicking the link below.

How To Style A Dough Bowl For Every Season

These 4 simple concepts transformed my seasonal decorating and I hope they give you some fall decorating ideas that you can apply to your home.

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy the coming season with your family and friends and don’t get too overwhelmed with having to make everything look “perfect”. Decorate with things you love and that will bring joy into your home. In the end, that’s all that matters!

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  1. Karen, your living space decorated for autumn is stunning!

    I enjoyed seeing your quick vid on how you put it together.

    Well done! This post is a real joy and inspiration to behold!

    1. Hi Deanne,
      I’m sorry about that! Some of the links were to a store that has recently gone out of business. I will try to update with something similar!

  2. Wow! Just beautiful! Thank you for the tips on how to make the whole room come together. That’s certainly something I struggle with. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hi Karen,
    This is a great post..the.4 concepts are so simple to do and I think #1, limiting the your colors to 2 or 3 so they work with your existing color palette is spot on. Fall colors and decor can get outta hand if you don’t use some decorating control. I think your decor for this season is restful as well as beautiful!!! Thanks for the great tips….I appreciate how you always make it simple and it always turns out beautifully!!!Be blessed!!!

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