How to Style a Kitchen for Winter

The transition from the fullness of holiday decor to the bareness of winter can definitely feel stark. I am always surprised at how empty my house feels when all of the Christmas trees are packed up but I also love the blank slate to reimagine my decor for a new year. This year I waited two weeks before adding anything at all to my freshly cleaned house and then I started slowly. Today I thought I would share a few tips about how to style a kitchen for winter to keep it warm and cozy until spring.

I use copper year-round to warm up the neutral tones in my kitchen. In the fall and winter, I add a bit more to the glass front cabinets and countertops to bring in a bit more warmth.

I have collected quite a few copper pieces over the years, both new and vintage. Some of them I actually use, like the cookware, and others are purely decorative. If I am in need of a vase in the fall or winter, I often grab one of my copper pitchers to fill with fresh flowers.

I also love the look of winter pine in the kitchen. I got the two planter boxes flanking the range at our local market and they originally contained a bit of ivy, an amaryllis bulb and two hyacinth bulbs. They bloomed beautifully over the holidays and when the blooms were spent, I decided to add a faux pine tree to the box. (hehe…don’t tell!) I love this look in winter.

On our eating center island, I used a favorite dough bowl filled with (faux) winter pine and pine cones as the base for a simple centerpiece. I added a small copper lantern and some fresh roses in floral water tubes to the arrangement and love the bright pop of color this brings to the room.

This is an ideal way to have a long-lasting arrangement on a center island. It looks equally beautiful without the roses and the faux pine last the entire season!

You can see my tips for styling a Dough Bowl for Every Season HERE.

Another great way to add a bit of brightness to a winter kitchen is to use fresh or faux roses, in a large container, on an island or countertop.

Our local farmer’s market has a wonderful rose vendor who creates beautiful bouquets of roses which became my inspiration for my winter kitchen styling. With the addition of a bit of greenery, this mixture of colors is exactly what is needed to brighten up a dreary winter room.

I love the look of a giant vase of flowers on my kitchen center island with a few touches of copper in the background.

Watson is a constant figure in my photos lately!

I continued the warm look in the breakfast nook adjacent to the kitchen.

The garland that was hanging above the range hood in the kitchen over Christmas became a pretty touch of greenery on the vintage ladder in the corner.

I added the last of the amaryllis to a white pitcher on the breakfast table and put a few copper elements on the shelves.

I love the look of just a few pine elements mixed with fresh flowers to style a kitchen for winter.

I had an audience while I was working today…Oliver is always such a character!

I hope this gives you a few ideas about how to style a kitchen for winter. With a few warm metallic elements and some pine accents, it is easy to create a cozy look in just minutes!

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  1. Happy New Year!! You home looks beautiful with all you imagine:). I especially love the Oliver & Watson pop ups!! I’ve added some tulips, but now I’m inspired to find some roses too!! Be well!! xx

  2. I’m new here so if you have answered this before, I apologize. I love your countertop. What is it? Saw your home in Cottage. It is lovely.

  3. Hey, love ur style. I was wondering where u got the range hood. I’m buying my first house very soon and I want to find that same one. Thanks

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