How To Make a Fresh Greenery Table Garland

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As we head into a season of holidays and celebrations, I think it’s important to know how to quickly and easily set a beautiful table without a lot flower arranging or fuss. For me, the perfect way to accomplish that is to make a simple and easy garland of greenery as a table runner.

With just a few bunches of market greens or some foraged branches from the yard, you can create a beautiful table garland in just minutes.

How to make a fresh table garland

For this garland, I used three types of greenery. 1) A eucalyptus with larger leaves called ‘“silver dollar” 2) A eucalyptus with more delicate leaves called “gunni” and 3) Some purple branches I foraged from our yard. To begin, I laid the stems of eucalyptus along the length of the table, starting at the ends and moving toward the center until the stems meet in the middle.

How to make a fresh table garland

Once I have the greenery generally in place, I use small pieces of wired twine to tie the stems together along the length of the garland. I don’t go crazy with the twine, just five or six pieces to keep the stems secure and gathered together.

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  1. Wow I love how you used the purple in this. Can you tell me where you got the green twine? We would love to add that to The Tiny House Farm shop. We have greenery for garland and this is a perfect addition. BTW- I love your table!!

    1. Hi Shauna, If you tie it together well it is easily transported, especially if the greenery is fresh. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi! How much of each kind of greenery did you end up using for this look? About how long did it end up being?

    1. Hi Jasmin-This garland is approximately 10′ long and I used two large bunches of greenery to get this look. Hope this helps.

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