Where to Buy Vintage and Rustic Dough Bowls

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I am a lover of any decor element that allows me to reuse it season after season in various ways, and I can’t think of anything that fits that description better than a dough bowl. I use both vintage and new, rustic dough bowls all over my home to add touches of color to my decor. I am often asked where I find my dough bowls and the answer is from both vintage shops and online stores, so today I thought I would share with you where to buy vintage and rustic dough bowls.

I have to admit that I own six different dough bowls in different shapes and sizes. Some are vintage, primitive bowls that I found at antique shops and some are new, rustic bowls that I have found at online stores.


I love to browse vintage shops in my neighborhood and often find great decor pieces for my home. I have found a few beautiful primitive dough bowls in my vintage store adventures, but to be honest, they are often pricey and hard to find. Lately, I have been looking for online sources for vintage dough bowls and have found some great sites that I want to share with you. Many of these sellers have one of a kind pieces and their stock varies, so be sure to check them all out if you are looking for an antique dough bowl.

Below are affiliate links for some of my favorite dough bowl sources.

ADRAY VINTAGE – This Etsy shop has a great supply of large vintage and primitive dough bowls at fair prices.

OMAOMAOPAOPA – This etsy shop carries some beautiful primitive dough bowls as well as some other beautiful wood vessels

APROSHOP – This Hungarian shop has some beautiful antique dough bowls that are available on a regular basis.

I love this painted, vintage dough bowl that I found at a local antique shop.


Alongside my vintage dough bowls, I also use new, rustic bowls and troughs that are perfect for displaying seasonal decor. Oftentimes these bowls are much less expensive than the vintage bowls I find.

I have found a few sources that I like for rustic dough bowls that are not only beautiful but affordable.

Below are affiliate links for some of my favorite dough bowls.

This shallow trough is one of my favorites!
Below are affiliate links for some of my favorite dough bowls.

Whether it’s a shallow trough filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables or a deep dough bowl filled with faux or fresh flowers and rustic spheres, dough bowls always have a place in my home.

I have found many uses for my dough bowls and hope you find these sources helpful in finding the perfect vessel for your seasonal decor.

Have a beautiful day!

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If you want a few tips on how to style your dough bowl, click HERE.

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  1. I purchased my Dough Bowl at the thrift shop and it looks great and cost under $5.00. My girl friends love shopping at all the Thrift shop
    in and around Dallas.

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