The 15 Most Inspiring Pantry Designs On Pinterest


I officially have the spring cleaning bug! Once our weather warmed up, it didn’t take long for me to get the itch to freshen and tidy up our kitchen. For me, the most obvious place to start was our kitchen pantry. Over the winter, it had become a mixed up jumble of boxes and packages with no rhyme or reason. So what better place to find inspiration for some serious pantry organization, than Pinterest. My organization loving soul was incredibly happy to see so may beautiful pantries, so today I thought I would share the 15 most inspiring pantry designs on Pinterest!


Wow! How beautiful is this open pantry!? I love that everything is on display and organized so beautifully. This gives me some great ideas for our open shelving in the ranch kitchen!


To me this is the perfect size pantry. It has plenty of space, open shelving as well as drawers, and those great baskets for vegetables. My favorite part of this particular pantry are the labeled drawer handles. Such a great idea!!

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


I absolutely LOVE this pantry. It is the inspiration for the pantry in the new spec house my husband and I are building. While it requires some styling to keep it looking good, my inner decorator can think of a million ways to make a space like this beautiful and functional.


Oh how I love color coordinated books and this pantry gives me all of the good vibes. This also adds in the glass jars that I love as well as labeled baskets…heaven!


I do not have a huge pantry in my kitchen, so I have to be extra organized with the space that I do have. I love that this smaller pantry makes use of every space, including the doors. The tall clear storage containers are great space savers and I love the open baskets.


I love black cabinets in a kitchen and this beautiful pantry reminds me of why! The rows of containers with handwritten labels are such a beautiful contrast against the black shelves, and the pull out baskets and shelves below are incredibly clever!


This is by far, my all time favorite farmhouse pantry. There is nothing I don’t love about this from the glass doors, to the ladder and the drawers with the file cabinet hardware. This is my dream pantry.


From ultra styled to ultra simple, a great pantry can be as simple as organized containers on metal shelves. This space would make Marie Kondo very happy!


I have to admit to having fantasies about having a pantry large enough to need a ladder and this one definitely fuels that dream. I especially love the subway tile above the cabinets for a fresh look.


The simplicity and rustic feel of this farmhouse pantry is super appealing to me. And how clever is it to hang those cast iron pans on the wall beside the shelves!


This great pantry serves double duty as a storage and work pantry. With a built in microwave and space to work, I love the idea of using a functional pantry as an extension of the kitchen.


Isn’t this pantry so clever?! When those doors are closed, this cabinet would look like a beautiful armoire, but the inside storage is beautifully organized and functional. Such a great idea!


Ah yes! The part of me that could label everything in my house is so in love with this pantry. I have visions of opening my pantry doors and seeing everything in it’s perfect place. Do you think my family will play along?


I love the minimal feel of this pantry and the simplicity of the design. Sometime less is better and this pantry is a perfect example of that!


Okay you guys…here it is. The ultimate pantry. This is just a glimpse of this gorgeous space and I am sharing more than one photo of this one because I cannot get over how stunning it is. I could probably live in here and be perfectly happy!

So there you have it. The 15 most inspiring pantry designs on Pinterest. Which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment below!

Have a beautiful day!

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