The 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

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Hi you guys!! I hope this first week of 2019 is treating you well! I just returned from a lovely vacation with my family and am now getting geared up for some exciting things happening this year! As I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you all in the coming months, I decided to look back at what the most popular blog posts of 2018 were and was surprised by what I found! You guys obviously have a wide variety of interests, which is exciting to me, because it means I can share all of the crazy inspiration running around in my head in 2019! Yay!

As I look at this collection of blog posts, I can’t help but think how very grateful I am for your support and encouragement. I feel truly blessed to be able to spend my time creating content that will hopefully inspire you…thank you for allowing me to do that!! So without further ado…Here are your top 10 favorite blog posts of 2018.

#10 – Holiday Home Tour – Rustic, Elegant, Neutral

#9 – 16 Inspiring Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

#8 – 50 Great Decor Finds Under $50

#7 – Before & After: Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

#6 – How To Make Copper Pumpkins in 15 Minutes

#5 – How to Make This Fall Centerpiece in 3 Easy Steps

#4 – The 15 Most Beautiful Bathrooms on Pinterest

#3 – Neutral Fall Decorating-My Home Tour

#2 – 25 Classic Farmhouse Light Fixtures

#1 – The 15 Most Beautiful Kitchens on Pinterest

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  1. I am building a house and love love the kitchen counter you used in your California home. can u please share with me the name of the white counter top you used. I love everything about your house.

    1. Thanks Dana! The countertops are a white marble. You can find more info about the sources in our house on the SHOP tab…scroll down to the bottom-Paint Colors and Design Sources. : )

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