Living Room Decorating With Winter Whites

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Transitioning from a house filled with holiday decor to a bare room in need of a bit of winter charm can be challenging. One solution is to add winter whites in different textures and tones to add a clean and cozy feel to any room. Today I’m sharing how I transitioned my living room by decorating with winter whites that will last until the first signs of spring.

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After removing the 9′ Christmas tree from the corner of our living room, the charm and glow had definitely left the building. I was faced with a bare room in need of some charm and a cozy vibe. I decided to shop my home for some decor that I could bring into this space to add a warm winter look without spending any money.

Enter a couple of linen chairs, a few winter white textured pillows, cozy throws and faux flowers and what was a barren space is suddenly transformed into a cozy sanctuary.

The most significant change I made to our living room was to rearrange the furniture and bring in two linen chairs that had previously been in our family room. I really wanted more seating in this room so I decided to put one of the couches (similar linked here) in front of the sliding door (we never use these doors) and add my two favorite linen chairs (similar linked here) to the seating area. I LOVE how this room feels now!

You can see my previous living room layout by clicking HERE and HERE.

Once I got the furniture set, I started by restyling the large table on the main wall. This table is definitely a focal point in our living room and helps to set the tone and style for the season. I have a tendency to use the same pieces repeatedly on this table, so I decided to remove all of my previous decor and start completely new this season.

I “stole” a picture from the wall in my dining room and layered it in front of the mirror sitting on the table. I found this painting at a vintage shop and just love the vase of peonies depicted here so it became the inspiration for my winter white living room.

I decided to mimic the peonies in the painting using realistic faux peonies I had gotten last year. I layered a couple of art books on top of a vintage suitcase and placed the vase of faux flowers on top to add a bit of height.

A rustic wood finial (similar linked here) on one side of the table and a trio of carved wood candle holders add balance to the overall vignette.

The final touches were a dark wood dough bowl filled with frosted and natural pine cones and a few rustic spheres plus a winter white throw blanket that has been in just about every room in my house this year!

To continue the winter white theme, I gathered a few off white pillows from around my house and added them to the sofas. I love how a simple change of pillows can transform a room.

One of my favorite ways to add seasonal color is by filling dough bowls with different botanicals, flowers and decor elements. This season, I filled my chippy white doughbowl with some faux dogwood branches, a few mossy and vine spheres and some pine cones.

You can see how I style dough bowls for every season by clicking HERE.

With just a few touches of winter white in different tones and textures my living room is ready to make the transition from winter to spring in style. And best of all…it was free!

I hope this gives you some ideas about how you can take elements from different rooms to bring together a new fresh look without spending a penny. How great is that!?

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. You provide so much inspiration to me. I love that you mix finds from Walmart to high end to antiques. Thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home with each post you publish.

  2. I love the touch of winter whites. Subtly, bringing in the hope of Spring. Thanks for the design inspiration. I look forward to your next post.

  3. Karen,

    You have the most beautiful home and it looks absolutely gorgeous in its winter transition. Well done. Every piece is just perfectly situated.

    Hope you have a fabulous new year!

  4. Karen,
    I like the change to your living room— much cozier now. Also thank you for sharing your creative ideas with us.

  5. Thank you for all your inspiration! You Trully Can’t Realize how much I needed to see your blog.. I moved a few months ago.. just can’t visualize how to decorate my new house.. I “have some good stuff”.. just couldn’t visualize my ideas.. As I’ve looked at your blogs.. I SAW EXACTLY what direction I’m going in.. I Needed your kick of gorgeous ideas to Set Me On Fire Now!!! With 3 storage units stuffed & empty walls & rooms.. I can now be excited about decorating my house.. Thank you sooo much!!

    1. YAAAYYY!! That’s awesome Debbie! Have a great time decorating. If you have things you love it will be beautiful!

  6. Hi karen, I love your home(s). I describe our home as a brownstone in the suburbs south of Denver. Just finished a kitchen renovation which made it’s way to our basement. laura in colorado

  7. Your article is very informative specially for me. All things you explain very easy way. Thanks for sharing your blog. I will share with my friends.

  8. I LOVE Your California farmhouse and am dying to know if you did Swiss Coffee in the living room too? Any other colors you used throughout the house (aside from Flint and Repose) ? I am in the midst of a reno and paint colors have left me hanging… I love what you have done. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Lori! Sorry for the delay getting back to you! We only used Swiss Coffee throughout the house. I love the simplicity of one color with a couple of accent colors. Hope your project is going well!

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