How to Make a Flower Arrangement in 5 Minutes

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Hey Friends!  I hope you’ve all had a good week!  It’s been a busy one around here with a couple of houseguests staying with us and some extra school activities.  This definitely cut into the time I had to spend playing around with all of the pretty spring flowers, but some weeks are like that.  Even still, I couldn’t let my house be completely naked (yes…my house feels naked without flowers), so I grabbed my three go to containers and made the simplest flower arrangements I know how.  Each of these took literally five minutes to put together, but I think they make as much of an impact as a more complicated arrangement, and they definitely brightened up our house.


I’ve shared this boxed bottle container before, but it’s worth showing you again because it makes the EASIEST, quickest centerpiece ever!  I got this one about two years ago, and there is rarely a week that it don’t use it.  You can use all flowers or mix flowers and greens.  In this case, I put six stems of pink stock in and called it a day.  It literally takes about two minutes! The other three minutes are spent filling the bottles with water : )

If you can’t find stock, tulips or roses work really well in this. I also love it with sunflowers!  Play around with the arrangement of bottles and know that you don’t have to put a flower in every one.  Sometimes it looks better with a little space.  I used this on my center island, but it looks beautiful on a dining table as well.

The other great thing about this is, you can use the bottles separately to make a pretty cluster arrangement or you can use the box (with a liner added) for a low, rustic centerpiece. See that look [HERE] WIN-WIN-WIN!


Okay…I confess, I cheated on this arrangement!  I usually do a larger arrangement on the coffee table, but I didn’t have time to put anything fresh together, so I grabbed five faux cherry blossom branches from my garage and stuck them in this great bottle. DONE!

I love that a pretty arrangement can be as simple as this.  I use this bottle often for a fast and simple look.  It lends itself to a larger branchy arrangement or a simpler, colorful centerpiece.

The key to this type of container, is to use flowers that have extra long stems, and to remove all of the leaves.  You only need about 5 stems.  My favorites are anything branchy, like these cherry blossom stems, or delphinium (shown below) and stock also work really well.

TIP: If you are using faux branches, add water to your container to make it look fresh.


I love this arrangement because it looks like a lot of work, but is super fast and easy!  I was excited when I found sweet peas at the grocery store, because they are the perfect flower for this.

The key here is using a pin frog.  If you have no idea what that is, don’t worry…either did I, but let me tell you, once you use it once you will wonder how you lived without it!  

A pin frog is this small weighted circle or rectangle with spikes sticking up.  It sits in the bottom of floral containers and is the simplest way to arrange flowers in almost any shape in an instant.

Below are the step-by-step instructions to make this arrangement.

To get this look, I simply put the pin frog in the bottom of this sweet little cup and added water.  Then I stuck two sweet pea stems into the pins, one facing up and one facing down.  From there I added different length stems to first fill in around the edges and then in the center.  The stems stick to the pin frog really easily, so you literally just stick them in and they stay.  It’s genius! I used about 25 stems total for this arrangement.

I love that it is the perfect size to sit on the breakfast nook shelf and add a pretty pop of spring color!  And the fragrance is amazing!!

So there you have it!  My three favorite 5 minute arrangements.  I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life and these definitely help when I’m rushed for time!

In case you’re interested I’m linking some sources below for a couple of the containers I use and the faux branches.  I’m bummed that the small cup I used isn’t available anymore, so I’ve linked a few other options, that would work just as well.

Have a great week!

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