Light and Bright Family Room Refresh in 5 Easy Steps

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I am frequently surprised at the impact a few minor changes can have on a room. With a minimal budget and a few simple changes I was able to give my family room a light and bright refresh in only 5 easy steps.

Light and Bright family room refresh in 5 easy steps-French Linen Chairs

I had been frustrated with our family room for quite some time. It always felt slightly dark and uncomfortable and never functioned in a way that made sense for our family. It had an oversized sectional couch that made it hard to get around and never fit well in the room and leather chairs that were not the most comfortable. My goal was to give the whole room a lighter, brighter feel on a minimal budget.



The first change I made was to replace the dark leather chairs in front of the fireplace with two light, linen chairs. These linen chairs had been in my flower studio for quite some time, and were never really used. Replacing the dark leather with the light linen made an immediate difference in the overall feel of the room.

Light and Bright family room refresh in 5 easy steps-French Linen chairs


The next change I made was to deconstruct our sectional sofa by removing the “L” portion and adding the arm section to the remaining piece. This gave me one long sofa, without a return, and made a huge difference in the function and flow of our family room.

Light and Bright family room refresh in 5 easy steps

What was once a clumsy and awkward couch to maneuver around became open and accessible. I added some large linen pillows to the couch to keep the continuity with the linen chairs and that also added a new brightness to the room.


Light and Bright family room refresh in 5 easy steps

With my newfound space, I decided there was now room for another chair, so I brought in a tufted gray leather chair that had never really found a permanent place in our home.

This tone works perfectly with the colors in the bar area on the other side of the room and creates a nice balance without being too overwhelming. And the best part is it’s a super comfy chair!

Charcoal Painted Bar
The bar area on the opposite side of the room is painted in a yummy charcoal gray and adds warmth to this large space.


Perhaps one of my favorite changes was the addition of this vintage leaded glass window above the long console table. This wall space has always been difficult to figure out, because it can easily look cluttered or too busy. I have tried mirrors and photo galleries, but never loved anything…until now.

Light and Bright family room refresh in 5 easy steps

This simple window adds just the right amount of interest without being too busy and is the perfect light and bright addition to the room.


The final touch was two mercury glass vases filled with faux cherry blossom branches and fresh stock.

Light and Bright family room refresh in 5 easy steps-Chippy Cabinet-Mercury glass vase-Cherry Blossoms

The addition of bright white flowers was the perfect finishing touch for my family room refresh.

Light and Bright family room refresh in 5 easy steps

Overall, the transformation of our family room was incredibly easy and only required a couple of simple changes. Incorporating some light, neutral colors, rethinking the layout of the furniture and adding large vases of white flowers made a huge difference in not only how our family room looks, but how it functions.

If you are in need of a refresh in your home, I hope this gives you some ideas about how you can transform the look of any room with just a few small changes.

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Light and Bright family room refresh in 5 easy steps

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  1. Hi Karen, I am totally, head over heels, in love with your divine kitchen! I have been admiring if for a long time and plan to base my own kitchen on your style, colours and design. It is chic, classic and stylish. I have tried to click on the link to your pendant lights but it comes up with an error – can you please let me know where you found them. Thank you.

  2. It’s beautiful! Clever of you to find furnishings elsewhere in your home! We just received another 10 inches of snow today, I’ll be doing my spring update in maybe 3 or 4 months.

  3. Today is March 3rd. Is everything okay? I did not receive your email this last week. The last one I received was Feb 20th. I really enjoy your posts. Miss you.
    Sherrire Steiger

    1. Hi Sherrie! You are so sweet to inquire. Yes, everything is fine…I have been out of town with no internet for a week , so did not send out an email. You will be getting the latest update tomorrow! I am so happy that you look forward to them! Have a wonderful day!

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