Easy And Affordable Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration


Hi There! How’s the shopping going? Have you gotten through your Christmas list yet? I have just started and have a long way to go! In the meantime, I am wrapping what I do have and wanted to share with you some super easy and affordable Christmas gift wrapping inspiration you can do in just minutes. Seriously…with just a few items I was able to create several different beautiful packages and all of them were incredibly easy!

Here’s what I used:

Blush & Silver Wrapping Paper

Copper Tissue Paper

Blush, Charcoal and Copper Ribbon

Small Faux Wired Garland (LOVE this stuff!!)

Copper Jingle Bells (From JoAnn)

Natural Twine & Bakers String

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My goal this year was to have just a few interchangeable gift wrapping items that I could mix and match easily. I chose this color palette because I love these tones this year and figured, why not… Christmas wrapping can be whatever you want it to be!

I used a soft blush wrapping paper with gold snowflakes that I found at HomeGoods as well as a metallic silver paper that I already had. I also picked up some copper tissue paper that I found at a local art supply.

I accordion pleated the tissue paper and used it to wrap a couple of smaller gifts.

Once I had the gifts wrapped, I layered the copper tissue paper over a couple of wrapped boxes to add a pop of color, then I added the ribbon. Double sided tape was my friend here! It works great for simple wrap around details and ribbon.

While I love a good bow, this year I decided to keep my Christmas wrapping easy and affordable, so I layered different sized ribbons and twine on top of each other and used double sided tape to secure them on the bottom. I seriously used about 1/3 of the ribbon I usually use!

I strung copper jingle bells on the twine to add a little extra sparkle.

Perhaps my favorite touch is the tiny, wired garland I was able to use in so many different ways on my Christmas gifts.

I was able to easily make different sized wreaths and attach them to the packages. I used twine to tie them around the gift or to attach to the ribbon.

Even a little sprig of garland adds a festive touch to the smallest gift.

I also layered garland over the ribbon on larger gifts and added copper jingle bells tied to platinum pine sprigs for an extra special touch.

This was honestly the easiest Christmas gift wrapping I have ever done, mostly because there were no bows to fiddle around with and all of the elements went so well together.

You could easily use your own palette of colors with these items and have endless options for beautiful Christmas gift wrapping. And the best part…nearly all of the paper and ribbons will work for other occasions! Yay! Happy wrapping friends!

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  1. Oh, I love those gorgeous wrapped presents ! I won’t be in my own home this Christmas where I love to decorate, so you have inspired me to go over the top with our presents. My mind is already racing from your ideas. Thank you.

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