The Best Valentine’s Day Gift I’ve Ever Given


Hi Friends! Last weekend I was thinking about Valentine’s Day and all of commercialism around a day that should really be about acknowledging those we love in a meaningful way. This got me thinking about Valentine’s past and I realized that the best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever given was a few years back when I gave my husband a handwritten list of 100 things I love about him.

It was a last minute gift, and turned out to be the best and most loving Valentine’s Day gift I could give…not only for him, but for me.

You see, there is something so beautiful about writing down all of the big and small things you love about somebody. It takes you back to wonderful memories and is a powerful reminder to be grateful for every laugh, every smile, every small joke, every gesture, every moment we have with those we love and share our lives with.

This year I will be giving my husband and each of my kids a list of the 100 things I love about them. I am excited to give them each this gift, so they know that I truly see them, recognize their beauty and uniqueness and love who they are. It is a gift for me as much as them.

I don’t think it matters how you create this list. It could be 100 separate cut out hearts, 100 strips of paper rolled up and tied with ribbon, 100 Post-It notes or any other creative way you come up with. The important thing is to tell someone you love, everything you love about them. This would also be a great anniversary or birthday gift!

I’ve created a template for my list and am sharing the printable with you guys. You can download the PDF by clicking HERE.

Have a Beautiful Day My Friends!

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    1. Your hundred things list is great. My husband and I will be married 53 yrs on Feb 17th and since I wont be doing any shopping due to having cataract surgery last week and Covid resturant limitations I will definitely use your idea. My husband has always bought me flowers for our anniversery on sale after Valentines day. Will definitely be on my list of why I love him.

  1. Thank you so much for adding the download. I absolutely love this idea. And I agree with you, it’s a wonderful gift. And a reminder of why you love this individual so much. I printed three. One for my husband, my son and my daughter. Can’t wait to get started.

    Cindy <3

  2. ❣ Karen
    Lovely idea …Love it you do have a loving heart
    Happy Anniversary…our Anniversary on February 21 45 yrs.

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